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PowereX is the leading aggregator and virtual power plant operator. Our cutting-edge Energy Management System (EMS) is designed to empower you to make the most out of every kilowatt-hour of electricity. Whether you are looking to slash costs, boost revenue through energy sales, reduce carbon emissions or provide vital services to transmission and distribution system operators, PowereX has you covered.


1. Aggregator Excellence

As an aggregator, we harness the zero or low carbon flexibility of diverse assets, optimizing their performance for maximum efficiency.

2. Virtual Power Plant Prowess

Our role as a virtual power plant operator means we seamlessly integrate decentralized energy assets, delivering the reliability of a large-scale power plant

3. Next-Level Energy Management

With our state-of-the-art EMS AI based solution, you gain real-time monitoring over your energy consumption and generation. Make informed decisions to drive efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, cut costs, and unlock new revenue streams.

4. Energy Cost Reduction

PowereX is committed to helping you reduce energy costs through strategic energy management practices.

5. Revenue Maximization

Beyond cost savings, our solutions are crafted to increase your revenue. Participate in energy markets, imbalance markets, provide ancillary services, and elevate your financial gains through price arbitrage or reducing demand charges (reserved capacity)

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Benefits of intelligently managed assets or portfolio by PowereX

New energy

One stop shop option for smart battery installations

Advanced energy consulting

Fully driven by AI

Taylored smart solution for each customer

Possibility of providing ancillary services with small power assets

Improved ROI & grid resilience

8 GWh of energy traded in 2022

35 GWh of energy traded in 2023



     Hydro Power Plant on river Váh

  • Managing BESS (battery energy storage solution) and energy flows at hydro power plant on Váh river in Slovakia.

  • BESS as container solution with installed power of 438 kW and capacity of 980 kWh.

  • The asset is leveraging EMS solution from PowereX since 2023.

  • Solution maximized combined effect of small hydro plant with benefits of battery storage.


     Bakery in western Slovakia

  • Managing PV solar power plant, BESS (battery energy storage solution) and energy flows at bakery in western Slovakia.

  • BESS as cabinet solution with installed power of 100 kW and capacity of 96 kWh.

  • PV solar with installed power 79,8 kW being extended by additional 89,38 kW.

  • The asset is leveraging EMS solution from PowereX since 2022.

  • Solution enabled immediate decrease in energy costs for customer by more than 23%.

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Monitoring and managing vast portfolio of different resources, such as batteries, PV solar,  hydro plants, EV chargers, and others.

Monitoring and managing any suitable battery storage, not only from specific producers.

Continuous guarantee of optimal energy management, whether it is cost savings, revenue enhancement, grid stability, imbalance management, ancillary services, or anything else.

Continuously trading on energy markets, both Day Ahead and Intra Day.

Own proprietary Artificial Intelligence developed and enhanced by PowereX team.


  • Do I have to buy a battery solution from PowereX?
    No, it is not necessary, our EMS solution can work with any type of BESS meeting certain technical conditions. Or we can work without having a battery at all, just managing PV solar power plant or CHP unit, for example. Do not hesitate to reach out to us and we will find the most suitable solution for your circumstances.
  • I already have a PV solar installed, can your solution be helpful also for me?
    Yes, it can. In general, installation of BESS (battery energy storage system) on top of PV solar power plant improves profitability of the solution, however it is possible to leverage our EMS without battery, too. Do not hesitate to reach out to us and we will find the most suitable solution for your circumstances.
  • What industries benefit most from PowereX?
    Our ideal clientele comprises industrial power consumers equipped with a power source, though ownership is not a prerequisite. While advantageous, owning a power source enhances the economic benefits of our solution. We target industries with an annual power consumption of at least 250 MWh, where it is possible to build a battery energy storage. PowereX excels in determining the optimal sizing for such solutions, ensuring peak efficiency and the swiftest payback period. Our expertise extends to managing and controlling Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units, adding an extra layer of adaptability to our offerings. For energy traders and suppliers, we provide tailored solutions geared towards cost optimization and market trading efficiency. PowereX is committed to elevating the operational and economic prowess of our clients, delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed their unique energy management needs.
  • How does the AI optimize my energy consumption?
    We specialize in managing flexible assets like battery energy storage, employing an advanced forward-thinking approach to optimize energy use. By strategically discharging energy from the battery during peak demand periods and intelligently charging it when surplus energy is abundant, we provide valuable support to the grid operator. In recognition of this collaborative effort, we receive rewards as the grid operator conserves resources and minimizes carbon emissions. While our primary focus is not on reducing energy consumption, our innovative practices lead to a lower energy bill for our clients, simultaneously contributing to a substantial reduction in the overall carbon footprint of the grid. Our advanced algorithms take into account and combine also other revenue streams- price arbitrage and lowering reserved capacity - demand charges.

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