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Generation of Green

Energy incomes

Real time energy production & consumption optimization

Precise forecasting based on AI 

Grids Resiliency

Finance savings

Energy generation decarbonization


Real capacity load reduction
with additional potential


Additional revenue
potential from P2P sharing
& new connections


Net kWp capacity increase
for connection of renewables



It is the Powerex Virtual Power Plant platform which enables real time access to the energy market for the customers connected to our platform. PX Plant acts on its customer behalf as an energy broker and aggregator.


Leveraging its precise and continuously improving artificial intelligence, PX Plant manages customers’ energy assets and transacts on the energy wholesale and balancing energy markets in real time 24/7, 365 days a year.


We do not only cut energy costs for our customers, we create new revenue streams. We significantly improve business case for renewable energy investments & operations while increasing grid resiliency.


Partial tailor made solutions leveraging PX Plant core functionalities include:​​

Optimizing size of solar PV
Optimizing size of wind turbine
Optimizing size of energy storage
Optimaing size of various dispatchable generators 
Value stacking
Deployment of energy management systems 
Optimal microgrid operation 
Reduce your energy bill models 
Power flow analysis
Energy generation and production high precision prediction models


A PowereX AI powered system which optimizes day ahead and intraday energy trading. 

We precisely predict the consumption and generation behavior of your energy portfolio, while at the same time we predict well in advance and follow in real time the development on the energy markets. Minimizing the cost of portfolio imbalance and turning it into the profit of portfolio imbalance has never been easier.


A robust and intelligent system which models load, voltage and frequency in high precision, time frequency and in the resolution of every bus of the distribution system. 

Need to optimize in real time the energy consumption and generation behavior in the particular segments of the grid? Or looking for a reliable and robust tool to optimize grid investments? PX Grid provides you with the real time dynamic control of the grid, such as dynamic tariffs setting and/or active control of the assets capable of the grid stabilization. In addition PX Grid enables an efficient and effective grid maintenance planning and future grid development planning.


PowereX AI powered intelligence toolset giving you a deep and high precision insight into forecasting of energy consumption, production, system imbalance but also overall electricity price development.


Peer2peer energy sharing which enables  effective and automated energy sharing among energy peers on the energy marketplace (in development).

All our products are powered by our proprietary CurvEnergy Artificial Intelligence systems developed by PowereX.