Ongoing energy transformation is bringing a lot of opportunities for smart solutions in the energy market. We are bringing comprehensive smart solutions for the power systems. Besides that we also perform research activities in the area of smart energy.


We decarbonize energy

We decarbonize energy generation, reduce energy costs, and improve grid stability—all while generating new income for you, our customers and end-users. Our flagship product PX Plant acts on our customers’ behalf as an energy broker and aggregator, leveraging its precise and continuously learning AI-based analytic capability, to manage your energy assets in real time and transact on the energy wholesale and balancing markets 24/7, 365 days a year. We make you more revenue and your community more green.


Welcome to the new era of energy!

CurvEnergy – Meet CurvEnergy AI ecosystem. It is our proprietary, unique and very advanced set of interconnected AI modules for energy data modelling, high precision predictions and real time optimization - maximizing the effects for our customers and the whole society.