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One third of global greenhouse gas emissions come from electricity generation. It is therefore our mutual responsibility to decarbonize energy generation and contribute to saving the Earth’s climate.

Carbon neutral electricity production is must be  priority for humans which means a great opportunity for  us in PowereX We believe we can make the difference by active aggregation of distributed energy assets and utilization of their underutilized flexibility.

Zero carbon energy sources have issues of their own:​​

  • Non dispatchable production

  • Volatility. Increases in the installed capacity have to be accompanied by energy storage systems in order to counter the peaks and to be able to use clean energy at times when renewable generation is minimal

Nuclear power 
  • Usually low flexibility

  • Cannot be used very well in peak hours

  • Often not accepted by general public as a clean and safe power source

Fusion power
  • Undergoing reserach

  • Still needs about 20 years to be commercial

There is no immediate silver bullet solution for a purely green energy landscape.

Our smart systems are powered by our artificial intelligence and optimization algorithms. They monitor and very precisely predict the situation on the energy markets and in the energy landscape. Based on this deep insight we know precisely when the conditions are right for the utilization of the right energy assets at the right time and in the right direction. In this way we are capable to create finnancial value  for our customers and for all the sociaty as supplied flexibility is a low carbon flexibility.

Zero carbon green energy needs smart solutions where multiple systems are mutually orchestrated and coordinated.


Smart solutions on the power grid side but also on the electricity market side.


Our smart systems based on our proprietary artificial intelligence and optimization algorithms are bringing values to both sides and they are making low carbon electricity possible without compromises and any significant power grid upgrades. Our systems are developed to bring financial benefits to our clients, improve power grids resiliency and, mainly, reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere.

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