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Are you a business looking for reducing your energy bill and/ or increasing revenues? Do not hesitate to contact us via link below or send us an e-mail to to explore the most suitable design of our solution for your needs!

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We understand that each case is unique and our dedicated team will prepare tailored design to match your needs.


In order to do so, following information is required as initial inputs from your side:

  • Maximum interconnection capacity in kW/MW at the connection point to distribution operator

  • Reserved capacity agreed with distribution operaton in kW/MW

  • Voltage (high, low...) or specific distribution tariff (e.g. X2-C3)

  • Consumption profile/ distribution meter data in 15-minutes granularity for at least 12 months (e.g. Year 2022 or November 2022 - October 2023, etc.)

  • Information on any local renewable generation on the site, such as PV solar? If yes, what is its installed power and since when is it in operation/ since when is it planned to operate? 

  • Any other "good-to-know"/ relevant information on consumption/ production of electricity (such as CHP unit with some installed power, fixed energy price for longer period and at what price, etc).

Our ultimate goal is mutual long-term cooperation, therefore we would like you to share with us also 1-2 electricity invoices from last months to better understand your energy costs and tariffs and focus on highest optimization possible for your company and its calculation. However, this is not mandatory and if you do not want to share the invoice with us, we can prepare initial design even without it, providing we have all the mandatory information above.


What will be the outcome of the design?

At minimum, outcome of the design typically includes the most suitable BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems) for your circumstances with remote management of energy flows by PowereX EMS solution containing basic technical details and indicative price offer/ study in PDF format, including expected cash-flow overview for the expected battery lifetime.


Customer Use Case example:

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